Winning Elections

Flip the Senate: Washington State

November 2017 Special Election (District 45 and 31)

Clinton/Kane signagePart of our job at This Land Rising is to educate ourselves about the state and local elections that have may sound small but have huge impacts on policies that affect us all.

The fact is that despite what we may wish to think, Washington State is not a “blue state.” Pennsylvania was a blue state just a few short months ago — we are organizing now on the basic principle that we will never take progressive policies or politicians for granted again.

Our state may have progressives in the US Senate and Governor’s mansion, but the Republicans currently control half of the legislature and the Secretary of State’s office.  The State Senate has a Republican majority (25-24), and the State House has only a slim Democratic majority (52 – 46).

This year presents a unique opportunity for the Democrats to take back the Washington State Senate. There are two seats Dems can win, and they will BOTH be on the ballot this November, 2017. We need to put progressives in those seats!

November 2017 elections where we can make a difference

  • District 45 (parts of Kirkland, Woodinville, Duvall) –   Republican Senator Andy Hill recently passed away after a long battle with cancer. Dino Rossi (R) was appointed to fill the vacancy but will not be on the ballot this November. Democrat Manka Dhingra has filed and been endorsed by the Democratic Party, Senator Patty Murray and Governor Jay Inslee.
  • District 31 (South-Eastern King County, including the cities of EnumclawBuckley, WashingtonBonney Lake,  Sumner, Edgewood, South Prairie, and Wilkeson) – Pam Roach (R) left Olympia after being elected to the Pierce County Council. Phil Fortunato (R) is the current special appointment by the Republicans.
  • District 7 (Ferry County/ NE Washington) – District 7 includes Spokane to the Canadian border and from Idaho in the east to the highlands above the Methow Valley in the west, and includes the Spokane, Kalispel, and much of the Colville Reservations.

The 45th and the 31st are our best opportunities for picking up seats.

These will be hard-fought campaigns, with lots of money flowing to Republican candidates from special interests. We need to start educating progressive voters in those districts now about the importance of turning out in November.

The last chance to file to run for these seats is mid-May. The primary is August 1st, and the general election is Nov. 7th. Let’s win these elections and change who is in charge!