This Land Rising Official Launch #risewithus

We RiseToday, we go live with our new website. Read below for our official press release announcing the launch:

May 16, 2017

Seattle Activists Launch a New Grassroots Non-Profit, “This Land Rising”

The new 501(c)4 organization, with fourteen local chapters, is empowering individuals to resist, organize, and rise – together.

SEATTLE – This Land Rising—a volunteer-led effort to expand civic engagement and empower grassroots activism—officially launched their organization today, after six months of preparation.

The organization, inspired by the 2008 Obama campaign’s “Snowflake” model, hopes to organize thousands of neighborhood-based “Rising Teams” as a way to channel progressive energy and civic interest into action at the local and state levels of government.

The core of the group’s model are the Rising Teams. Each team is a group of 12-15 like-minded neighbors that commit to meet monthly, at a minimum. This Land Rising provides the teams with resources, like their “Get Started” Toolkit, and an interactive map for Rising Team registration. These teams learn and work together to identify and prioritize the key issues impacting their community and develop corresponding strategies to effect change where they live.

“After November, the sheer volume of work to do was paralyzing for many,” said This Land Rising Board President, Mike Gilmore. “The folks we heard from wanted to help but didn’t know where to start, and the frenetic hair-on-fire pace was not sustainable. Our democracy needs a solid foundation, and to build that foundation we need to incorporate civic engagement into our routines.”

There are currently fourteen active Rising Teams, meeting regularly and in-person, in the Puget Sound area. Many are working on the special election in the 45th Legislative District and tracking the state legislature’s activities in Olympia. Others are getting involved with their legislative districts by encouraging members to serve as PCO’s (precinct committee officers).

You may read more about This Land Rising’s efforts at, or follow the group’s efforts on

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