How do you make your voice heard? Get LOUD.

TLR Getting Started ToolkitPoliticians are responsible for promoting policies and creating laws that they believe benefit the majority of their constituents. To do this, they need to win the right to represent us, which is why they run for office.

Their occupation is unique in one special way. EVERYONE has the fundamental right to participate in the process to hire and fire them — the right to vote.

Politicians want to win re-election more than anything– once they do that, they want to represent the voters who got them there. They are human. And flawed. And they don’t want to get fired for poor performance. But they are smart.

Our elected officials know that they can keep their jobs simply by listening to the loudest and most visible – that is who they work for. And who can blame them, when so many of their bosses (the voters) don’t participate in their performance review?

The mission of This Land Rising is not just to add voices to the chorus, but to create new “choirs” in communities across the country.

That is what our Rising Teams are doing in communities across the PNW. Join us by forming your own Rising Team, or join up with one of the 15 teams already up and running.

Check out our toolkit to see how to get started today.