About Us

This Land Rising is a volunteer-run organization formed to serve as a non-intimidating entry point for political and civic engagement. We are progressive, grassroots voters motivated to strengthen our democracy and make our voices heard in state and local government.


Our mission is to resist.

Authoritarianism. Alternative Facts. The aggressive, regressive GOP agenda.

Our mission is to organize.

Small teams. Locally. In Libraries. Living Rooms. Arenas. Coffee shops. IN PERSON.

Our mission is to rise.

To the challenges facing us. To protect future generations. To restore our democratic institutions.


To maximize our impact and odds of success, we need to grow and commit to staying involved. We are working to mobilize as many people as possible to get involved in their communities by empowering leaders to form Rising Teams.

There are many privileges and responsibilities associated with of civic engagement. The Rising Teams allow us all to share the burden and benefits alike. This Land Rising provides resources and a framework for participation. Rising Teams take it from there. With the support of friends and neighbors in Rising Teams, our activism is effective, sustainable and immensely rewarding.

For now, we are focused on proving our vision in Washington state. But we encourage visitors from other regions and states to contact us so we can rise together!

Part of what makes a Rising Team special is that it requires us all to sit down together, take a breath, put aside distractions, and focus on how we can improve our community and our country.


The Core Components of a Rising Team are as follows:

  • Community-based: Team members live in the same neighborhood, town, or city
  • Convenient: Team meetings and online communication take place at your pace, in your space
  • Confidential: Small (12 -15 people) with ground rules for public/private participation
  • Consistent: Monthly, face-to-face meetings at agreed-upon days and times
  • Committed: Long-term success means long-term commitment (monthly meetups, at a minimum, are encouraged)
  • Concerted/Independent: Rising Teams should participate in shared action(s) to maximize our group impact (like showing up at Congressional Town Halls) but should focus on making an impact locally (like contacting local legislators)


For more information, check out the Get Started Toolkit.


Or, click here to find the Rising Team closest to you!