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We Rise

This Land Rising Official Launch #risewithus

Today, we go live with our new website. Read below for our official press release announcing the launch: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 16, 2017 Seattle Activists Launch a New Grassroots Non-Profit, “This Land Rising” The new 501(c)4 organization, with fourteen local chapters, is empowering individuals to resist, organize, and rise – together. SEATTLE – This Land […]

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This Land Rising

The Resistance is Not Enough… But We Are

I sleep better knowing that I am part of the Resistance movement—a movement that will not tolerate the corruption and collusion of the Trump Administration; a movement that will expose the Republican establishment as bereft of patriotism or concern for the Republic; a movement to demand representation by our Representatives and remove them from office […]

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Person with American flag

Why Me? Why You?

Why did I leave the confines of my comfort zone to join This Land Rising? My participation in our democracy, for the past 30+ years, began and ended with voting in every election. Immediately after the recent presidential election I briefly thought about moving to a rust-belt state, so that my vote would “count” more. […]

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