We have gathered together some tools we hope will be useful in helping our Rising Teams to engage more effectively.

Of course, we are always happy to discover new organizations and resources as well. If you would like to make any suggestions to be included here, please feel free to contact us!


Getting Started

Democratic Party Primer

If you’re interested in working within the Democratic Party, here is a great explanation of how the party is structured and how to engage.

Civics 101 Podcast

“Ever wonder what a White House Chief of Staff actually does? How about a Press Secretary? And is gerrymandering still a thing in this country?”  Check out this informative podcast from NPR.

A guide to rebuilding the Democratic Party, from the ground up

A great article written by Theda Skocpol on Vox.

Olympia Basics

A primer on the workings of the Washington State Capitol and Legislature.

Download as a PDF


Town Halls

How to Find a Town Hall

Show up and be heard!

Town Hall Best Practices



The Resistance Manual

A great wiki for #resistance and information

The Snowflake model

First put forth by Organizing for Action and used very effective in Obama’s 2008 campaign.

Enacting the snowflake model

Informative article on enacting the snowflake model by the group Cultural Organizing.


A resource for flipping state governments.


Federal Level

Redistricting / Gerrymandering



The Center for Ethical Leadership – Seattle, WA

The White Privilege Institute – Greenwood Village, CO

Friends of Washington – Seattle, WA

Friends of Washington is a 100% volunteer group focused on communicating information to see Washington State Democratic candidates win.  They do not ask for, collect, or disburse money.  Their current focus is on the 2017 Special Election and helping Democrats win control of the Washington State Senate.


Democracy & Politics

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Intersectionality & Social Justice

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Leadership & Working with Teams

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