The Snowflake

Our model for getting organized is very similar to the methods that helped elect President Obama in 2008.

From our friends at Organizing for America:

“A snowflake is a type of organizing model we use to build our neighborhood teams. It is a way for teams to delegate and share responsibilities. We’ve all been a part of different teams in our community.

The snowflake model solves these organizational problems by creating a system in which members of the team have shared responsibility for a common goal but work independently toward achieving their own components.”



Snowflake model


Utilizing the snowflake model, we work to lower barriers to civic engagement. We educate and empower ourselves, with as much face-to-face interaction and support as possible. We are focused on making a difference at the state and local levels. We work to build a government that reflects our values and we resist policies that harm our most vulnerable.

This requires a commitment of time on a regular basis, whether 5 minutes a day, 5 hours a week, etc. We believe that a 2-hour commitment once a month is the bare minimum necessary for meaningful civic engagement.

We know there are other groups out there doing amazing work. They are our partners and allies, and we are honored to be among them in this fight. We are all part of the same movement. The important thing is that we act.

To honor President Obama’s legacy, we are going to fight to protect it.

One snowflake can be easy to ignore. But millions of snowflakes make a blizzard.